Seeking counselling can be daunting and you may feel anxious or embarrassed about looking for help in coming to terms with your feelings and problems. Counselling is about enabling you to take constructive steps in overcoming difficulties in your life, assisting you in dealing with difficult emotional issues. Sometimes we may need help with developing and strengthening our emotional resilience, so that we may cope better with situations that are out of our control, such as relationship difficulties, bereavement, redundancy, inevitable life transitions, depression etc.

My style of counselling is down to earth, warm and supportive. I like to get to know my clients by asking questions about why they decided to come for counselling, for them to tell me about the difficulties they face in their life, about their relationships, family, work etc. It is important for me to try and see your life through your eyes as best as possible, so I can support you in the way that is most suited to your specific issues and needs. Whilst I, as the therapist, do not possess the answers, by asking the right (and sometimes tough) questions, by listening and being supportive, I aim to help you find the answers for yourself, ultimately leading to a sense of self-empowerment.
Counselling is offered in a safe, non judgmental and confidential environment.

My private practice is based in High Barnet, accessible via the 84 bus from New Barnet/Potters Bar/St Albans/High Barnet underground, or a 20 min walk from Barnet High Street/Barnet Church. There is parking available on my driveway or on the street.

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